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New Thinking Leads to New Mining Job

Lisa Mirtsopoulos is a haul truck driver in a mine. She shares some very sensible advice for those trying to get mine jobs. Well worth the read! Continue reading

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5 Steps to the Job You Want!

Employers hire for their reasons, not yours. They have a problem to which they need a solution and if you are
it, they need to see how you are it in a very compelling way. They need to know, in about 6
seconds, how you very directly meet their needs. Continue reading

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Who, Exactly, is Reading Your Resume?

In the mind-boggling, confusing, frustrating world of resume-writing, the bottom line is, knowing who you are writing your resume for will direct how you write it. Continue reading

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Why Coleman Business Owner Tosses Resumes in the Garbage

“I threw three resumes, back to back, into the garbage today”, said a local business owner who shall remain nameless. Although he gave me permission to publicize his name and the name of his business, I choose to keep it … Continue reading

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