Why Many Albertans Will Stay Unemployed Longer Than They Need To


Job seekers who rely on government-funded employment centres to help them produce a decent resume and cover letter are going to remain unemployed far, far longer than they need to. I know this because I see a lot of the resumes and cover letters produced at some of these centres.  They are terrible.  As the old saying goes. “You get what you pay for”, and that expression never rung truer than it does for the job seekers struggling to produce resumes and cover letters with the help (or lack thereof) of government-funded employment centres.

Why do government-funded employment centres, whose apparent purpose is to help job seekers find jobs, have so little to offer job seekers?  One unfortunate reason is that there are no professional or expert resume writers working at these offices. The “career counselors” working in these offices really don’t how to write a powerful, relevant, meaningful resume and cover letter for 2017 — that’s the bottom line.

I do endless research to discover what today’s employers, recruiters, and HR departments want to see on resumes and cover letters, and what they don’t want to see. This morning during my research, I stumbled upon a very eye-opening article.

Jan Moore was a government-funded Career Counselor for 20+ years. She is no longer in that job but now writes a fantastic blog that is devoted to helping job seekers develop highly customized job search strategies that are vital, dynamic, and in touch with today’s standards.

The following are a few excerpts from her recent article, “Job Search Services frustrate unemployed workers”.:
If Disneyland is billed “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Employment Centres are the exact opposite.

Current job search methods are just not working for many unemployed workers.

Government-funded programs offer a series of hoops for clients to jump through and have…lots of red tape.

The computer database unemployed workers get entered into is extremely convoluted and is not really client-focused.

People with limited (or no) computer skills and low levels of literacy spend hours sitting in front of Resource Room computers, and although staff are available to help, clients are largely on their own.

Even people with strong computer skills get [frustrated] with this process as many resumes disappear into a black hole with never a reply from an employer.

And on that note, I will chime in. The reason resumes disappear into a black hole with never a reply from an employer is because they are badly written — very badly written.

And why wouldn’t they be? Less than 10% of job seekers know how to write a powerful resume, and even less have the desire. What I mean by “the desire” is not that people are too lazy to write a resume, but rather that people are overwhelmed by the daunting task of writing one, and therefore set about doing it half-heartedly with heavy hesitation.  The end result reflects the lack of enthusiasm, and, the lack of guidance from someone who knows what a good resume looks like.

Very skilled, qualified, ambitious job seekers are completely passed over for jobs they are trained for, or have plenty of experience in, because their resumes are so bad they never even get looked at.  A lot of job seekers who rely on government-funded employment centres to help them produce a viable resume and cover letter are going to remain unemployed far, far longer than they need to.

“Spending weeks, months, and sometimes years in job search mode wears people down. A whole roller-coaster ride of emotions is gone through every day in every Employment Centre. It eats away at people’s self-esteem. As confidence levels drop, depression sets in. We host Job Fairs and the majority of attendees leave empty-handed. The whole system is deeply flawed.”  Jan Moore

If you are a job seeker relying on a government-funded employment centre, like Alberta Works, Training Inc., Alberta Human Services, Service Canada, etc, your resume will not likely ever be good enough to compete with those written by professional resume writers. The unemployment rate in Alberta is at its highest in over 20 years.  There are a lot of people looking for jobs out there and the ones getting jobs are the ones who used a real professional to develop their resume and cover letter, and, help them develop a productive job-search strategy.

Some professional resume-writing services charge astronomical fees (and don’t do any better than the employment centres), but others, like Resume Pro, are affordable for anyone!

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I want to thank Jan Moore for her permission to reprint parts of her fantastic article!


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