Why Coleman Business Owner Tosses Resumes in the Garbage

Your Résumé Thrown Away in the Garbage

“I threw three resumes, back to back, into the garbage today”, said a local business owner who shall remain nameless.  Although he gave me permission to publicize his name, and the name of his business, I choose to keep it private in the interest of avoiding negative feedback.

I asked him why he tossed out those resumes. His response was: “Terrible grammar, bad spelling…”  He went on to explain he has invested an astronomical amount of money in his new business, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears, and he will not consider hiring people who “can’t put forth the effort to write a decent resume and proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors”.

This business owner is looking for people who can demonstrate a genuine desire to work for his company, not people who frantically scribble out a ridiculous resume in response to a job opening.

This business owner is going to be tossing a lot more resumes in the garbage, and those who have submitted their resume are going to be wondering why they haven’t been called for an interview.  I see a lot of the resumes people are sending out and know why they will never get a call for an interview.  Bad grammar and bad spelling, yes.  Ridiculous formatting, usually.  And above all, complete irrelevance to the job they are applying for.

If you have no experience, training, or education related to the job opportunity you are applying for, why would a business owner be interested in you as a potential employee? Many job applicants list all of their work history, no matter how far-removed from the position they are applying for, thinking that perhaps the employer will find some relevant value in something they have done in the past. Wrong!

So, all of you firing off bad resumes and wondering why you can’t get an interview, call Resume Pro! 403.563.0408


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