New Thinking Leads to New Mining Job


Lisa Mirtsopoulos is a haul truck driver in a mine. She shares some very sensible advice for those trying to get mine jobs.  Well worth the read!

“I receive many emails and posts by people who are trying to get jobs in the mines but are not finding any opportunities. I can hear their frustrations. I feel for them because I went through three years of frustrations before I got my break into the mining world.

“They want to know what they can do. My first advice is ‘change your actions, change your results’. What do I mean by that? Well, in anything you do, if you’ve been following the same format or process and you keep getting the same results (ie. no mining job), then this tells you that your format/process is not working. It’s time for you make a change if you want to see a different result.”

Make Your Resume Fit for a Mining Job

“Have you changed your resume to suit mining? Are you still using an old format from 20 years ago? Consider getting your resume professionally converted into a mining resume – ensuring it is keyword enriched so that HR will take notice of it. Remember, they read hundreds of resumes a week.”

“A lot of people think that a dump truck driving job will just come to them. The opposite is required, you have to go out and get the job, any way you can. Move from that feeling of being stuck in a place where your dream to be a dump truck driver is sitting on the other side of a huge gap. It’s time to think differently about your challenge.”

“It’s not always easy to be aware of your options without someone guiding the way for you. So take the time to research, plan and then implement your new actions to move closer to your mining career. The ones who are prepared to invest in themselves are the ones who get to their dream or goal quicker.”

The above excerpts belong to Lisa Mirtsopoulos, a haul truck driver in an Australian mine.

It doesn’t matter what mine or what country when it comes to getting a job as a haul truck driver. Lisa’s advice is for anyone, anywhere, who is trying, or who has tried multiple times, to get on with a mine.   I, and Lisa, cannot stress enough the paramount importance of your resume.

How Does Your Resume Make you Stand Out? 

“When I applied for a trainee job nearly 8 years ago now, I was only competing with 50 other hopefuls. After being granted a ‘second chance’ interview, I was finally given an opportunity. Today it’s a different story. A trainee position was advertised in WA back in February and they received 3000 applications to fill in only 12 vacancies. Unfortunately, mining companies can’t accept all applications.”

“Thanks to the media, dump truck driving is now on everybody’s wish list. Hence the reason why its so difficult to get in. Therefore, you need to start looking at what you can do to set yourself apart from the hundreds or thousands of others. Great way to start is take a look at your Resume and imagine if you were a recruiter, would you employ you! Do you have skills that a mining company looks for? Do you have any relevant tickets that are required to work on a mine site?”

“Begging for a job in your cover letter won’t help. You need to show them why they should employ you over the others.”  says Lisa Mirtsopoulos.

If you’re looking at your resume saying, “it’s good”, or, “it’s good enough”, perhaps you should consider a career in something other than mining.  If you’re deadly serious about getting on with the mine, take Lisa’s advice, “invest in yourself …get your resume professionally converted into a mining resume.”

Although I am an expert resume writer for any industry, lately I’ve become a master at writing resumes for mine jobs. Here is a client’s comment I received just yesterday:  “If I don’t get an interview at the mine with this resume, I never will!  

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  1. I really liked this post! I read your blog constantly and you are always
    coming out with some great stuff. I usually like to share this with
    my friends and my followers as it’s really great stuff to share!

    Awesome work, keep it up 🙂


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