Job Seekers Get Teck Interviews

Job seekers are going to Teck interviews thanks to their Resume Pro resumes!

If you aren’t getting interviews, perhaps it’s time to take a realistic look at your resume. You may remember my recent post, New Thinking Leads to New Mining Jobs, in which I introduced,  Lisa Mirtsopoulos, a fantastic resource for those pursuing mining jobs. This morning while surfing her blog I came across a Q & A that, again, illustrates that poorly-written resumes are preventing job seekers from getting interviews. It goes like this:

Q: “I’m just wondering why my resume is not being selected for any greenie positions.”

A:  “She kindly sent me her resume and cover letter to get a second opinion. I gave Amy some suggestions for improvement and recommended to get her resume professionally written, that will highlight her skills in a better way.

“So I asked Adrianne from Resumes WA, an expert in writing mining ready resumes, why are resumes sometimes ignored. She came back with a blog  —           5 Reasons Your Resume is Being Ignored.”

“I have read a lot of resumes over my time and its the biggest let down for most people. Spelling mistakes, no clear headings, contains more objective remarks (that can’t be proven) rather than facts, no achievements, the layout is messy etc. I plead with you all, take the time and spend a little money to get your resume professionally done. Do your research on resume writing companies and ask to sight some examples first. Ask for their experience in writing mining resumes.”

To read the above Q & A (and many more) on Lisa’s blog, click the link and scroll down to the blue section:  Mining job applications and interviews.  There isn’t much more I can add. As an expert resume writer, I agree with and support everything Lisa and Adrianne have shared.  If you aren’t getting interviews, it is your resume that is the problem, hands down, no question.

Alright all you job-seekers, there it is for today. Remember, since I am an expert resume-writer I can develop your resume and cover letter for you, so don’t stress! Believe me, there is no shame in getting a professional to write such an important document for you. And, as always, I want your feedback and comments so I can make this blog really useful and helpful to all job-seekers.

Thanks for your time today!

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