The #1 Way to Get Your Resume Read in 2019

How to Get Your Resume ReadThe #1 way to get your resume read in 2019 is the same as it was in 2018 and the same as it will be in 2020.  “Write for the employer, not for you.”

That means, even though you may be impressed by all of your great skills, qualifications, attributes, and work experience, do not make the mistake of thinking a potential employer will be as impressed. He won’t.

On your resume, list only what the employer is looking for, not what you think will impress him. Write for the employer, not for you.

 It’s not rocket science, but I mean, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? So, I am going to help you discover how to write for the employer so your resume will get read and 99% certainly get you invited to an interview. Then, I’ll give you a great tip to help you get started writing an fantastic resume you won’t believe you wrote yourself!  So, what is…

The #1 Way to Get Your Resume Read in 2019?

Answer: Copy the Job Posting!

Seriously. That is the answer—copy the job posting—the job posting is your golden ticket Let me explain:

Often, when a company prepares to fill a position, everyone from the company-owner to the HR manager to at least one other employee (usually from the department in which the position needs to be filled) puts a lot of collaborative brainstorming into developing the job description. What they eventually come up with is lists of skills, requirements, and qualifications their ideal applicants will meet. Some job postings are a mile long, and that’s a good thing! Thanks to the company’s collaborative efforts in writing a detailed and descriptive job posting, your job is easy!

Great Tip: Use Words from the Job Posting

Back in the day, it was referred to as “skills matching”. Nowadays, with so many companies using ATSs, it’s more about peppering your resume with the keywords and phrases used in the job posting. Although I implied earlier you should ‘copy the job posting’, I don’t mean “copy”  word-for-word—I mean grab keywords and phrases from the job posting to use in your descriptions, not as your descriptions. Here’s an example:

Job Posting for an Administrative Assistant

  • operate a multi-line telephone system with high call retention
  • use MS Office Suite to compile documents, publications, and spreadsheets
  • manage executives calendars, meetings, and appointments in Outlook

Resume for an Administrative Assistant

  • competently operated a 12-line telephone system successfully retaining and redirecting up to 100 calls per day in-house and remotely
  • used extensive knowledge of MS Office Suite to compose and compile a high volume of error-free executive-level documents and company publications
  • maintained complex company-designed spreadsheets to closely track the movement of inventories of six separate departments
  • scheduled and amended meetings and appointments for four executives using Outlook Calendars and the full complement of its features

In the above examples, see how the highlighted words in the job posting are “copied” on the resume? They are incorporated, naturally, as a part of the applicant’s real work experience and that is precisely what the employer is looking for. Whether it is an ATS scanning your resume or human eyeballs, it is those keywords and phrases that get noticed.

Give Them What They Want

They’ve gone to the trouble to show you what they are looking for, so you must go to the trouble to show them you have what they are looking for!  Use their words to fill out descriptions of your skills, abilities, and work experience. And by the way, work experience is now called “accomplishments”.  Check out my article, What are These Accomplishments We’re Supposed to Put on Our Resumes?

I have always said, and will continue to say—never, ever send out generic resumes. If you seriously want a certain job then you seriously must customize your resume to get that job. Write for the employer, not for you. The way to do that is to use the words in the job posting. You know you have the skills and experience to be considered for the job, so use the words the hiring people used to show them you have what they want!

Alright all you job-seekers, there it is for today. Remember, since I am an expert resume-writer, I can develop a kick-ass resume and cover letter for you, so don’t stress! Believe me, hiring an expert to write such an important document can make the difference between going to interviews and staying at home. As always, I invite your comments so I can make this blog really useful and helpful to all job-seekers.

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