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How to Get a Job in a Recession

I think I do research largely to see what kind of B.S. is out there. There’s plenty of it, but sometimes it helps me determine what I want to write, which is the opposite of what I read. Today, I wanted to write about why your resume has to stand out even more if you are job-seeking in an exceptionally depressed economy with a resulting fiercely-competitive climate. Continue reading

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The #1 Way to Get Your Resume Read in 2019

I have always said, and will continue to say — never, ever send out generic resumes. If you seriously want a certain job then you seriously must customize your resume to get that job. Continue reading

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Applicant Tracking System. What It Is and How to Make It Love Your Resume

Applicant Tracking Systems score your resume based on how well the information in it matches the job requirements. Those free government-funded employment centres call that “skills matching”, but there is much more to an ATS-friendly resume than simply listing a bunch of bulleted lines mirroring the skills and qualifications described in the job posting. Continue reading

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Job Seekers Get Teck Interviews

As an expert resume writer, I agree with and support everything Lisa and Adrianne have shared. If you aren’t getting interviews, it is your resume that is the problem, hands down, no question. Continue reading

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