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Everything you need to know about writing and submitting resumes in 2017.

Skills vs. Qualifications. The Difference & Why it Matters to Know.

Recognizing the differences between your qualifications and your skills is an eye-opener that will help you to determine what jobs you should apply to and which you shouldn’t waste your time on. Continue reading

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Employers Share Top 3 Complaints About Resumes

With the resources available to even the greenest of word processor users, there is absolutely no reason a resume should go out poorly-formatted full of spelling and grammatical errors. Continue reading

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Better Advice for a Better Resume

Why are folks still writing and sending out bad resumes? Is it because they just don’t know how to write? Continue reading

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The #1 Way to Get Your Resume Read in 2018

I have always said, and will continue to say — never, ever send out generic resumes. If you seriously want a certain job then you seriously must customize your resume to get that job. Continue reading

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